Our Aims

  • To meet the previously unmet needs of young people and enable learning and employment.
  • To provide positive interventions into barriers to learning and negative family or intergenerational life cycles.
  • To contribute to community and social change.
  • To reduce costs to society in terms of both social and economic benefits.

Our overall goal is to enable young people to ‘be the best they can be’ and to reach it we will use concepts and best practice in learning, neuroscience, emotional wellbeing, child development and coaching.


“Many school phobic children have sensory processing issues and given the right set of support can access and enjoy a learning environment… It is small independent providers that are used, but these are often out of county residential services, which take children away from their families, which again is not a good outcome for them. So, more local and targeted provision is required and desirable.”

John Shaw
Strategic Commissioning Officer
Children with Additional Needs for Devon County Council/NHS


“I’m so glad to hear that this kind of highly personalised schooling is available. Myself, and other parents I work with at SOCOPS, have been saying for years that we need a better choice for our children and young people with autistic spectrum conditions in Devon, and especially for those who just ‘don’t fit in’ and are falling behind, right now, in their education.”

Sarah Berry
Parent and Trustee of SOCOPS
A social opportunities group for children with autism and their families