What is SfIT?

Introduction from Mark Escott, CEO

School for Inspiring Talents (SfIT) run a growing chain of independent therapeutic day schools in the South West. We support families and young people aged 5-16, supporting those children who do not find it easy to fit into an existing mainstream educational provision. This can be for many reasons, including a range of behavioural, emotional and educational challenges including difficulties such as sensory processing disorders, attachment disorders and those having experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). The term Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) is used to describe a wide range of stressful or traumatic experiences that children can be exposed to whilst growing up. ACEs range from experiences that directly harm a child (such as suffering physical, verbal or sexual abuse and physical or emotional neglect) to those that affect the environment in which a child grows up (including parental separation, domestic violence, mental illness, alcohol abuse, drug use or incarceration). Childhood experiences, both positive and negative, have a tremendous impact on future violence victimization and perpetration and lifelong health and opportunities. The current list of ACEs used by Trauma Informed Schools UK includes 20 of such stressful or traumatic experiences. However here at Life Chance Education we have identified a further 3 ACEs which are relevant to a number of the children and young people that we work with.  Namely – multiple changes in care setting, being placed in a residential care setting (as opposed to a family home) and sporadic or inconsistent contact with a parent.

what is sfit

When starting to work with a child, young person or family it is essential that we work with all involved agencies to identify ACEs for our students and their families and when in their development they occurred. We can thereby create a profile of which areas of emotional, neurological, speech and language, attachment and behaviour development will have been impacted and create and deliver individual therapeutic-education care plans based on our findings.

what is sfit

We also offer ongoing support to make sure that all the recommendations in our individual therapeutic-education care plans are fully embedded and continue to meet all the needs of our students and their families as they move forward in their lives. It is our intention that every student will achieve their full potential in both academic and personal development. As a day school, we provide an alternative to residential education which supports our students to develop independence and social skills whilst living in their home environment.

We are passionate about providing the appropriate support, care, nurture and educational strategies that will allow these amazing young people to succeed in reaching for their dreams, to achieve the skills and talents that they will need to flourish in their lives, despite their challenges and difficulties, indeed sometimes because of them. Our school fosters the dreams and talents of our students, parents, staff and the wider community so that these young people can have successful life chances.

School for Inspiring Talents is an all-through school. Our innovative model directly addresses our students’ unmet needs through nurture, inspiration, motivation, support and care, to enable learning through a very different educational approach. Our school has created an environment that combines both special school and alternative provision in a new and innovative way.  Working in the school’s holistic way will make the most positive difference to the life chances of these young people.

School for Inspiring Talents is committed to being an outstanding school that enables our students to develop and realise their ambitions, as exemplified in our school motto

Being The Best We Can Be’